About Me

Hi! I’m John Wilson, a Project Manager and Geologist passionate about all things water, particularly the treatment of contaminated and unpotable water sources. I work in the water industry, specializing in water treatment including filtration, disinfection and desalination products. Current water treatment methods have the ability to help maximize the amount of drinking water for the world and minimize pollution of our precious water resources.

I grew up in rural Western Australia, a place where droughts are common and you get an inherent respect for water conservation from a young age. I have since travelled and worked all over the world and been exposed to varied mindsets on water as a resource, including seeing plenty of needless wastage and contamination of precious drinking water. My experience has led me to create this web page where I can share my knowledge with the world and hopefully make a difference by educating the population on the various methods of water treatment and how they can be applied in your own day-to-day life.